My first solo album, Meditations is an instrumental collection designed to soothe your soul.

Featuring soaring orchestral arrangements and beautiful piano melodies, this album is one of the most ambitious creative projects I’ve ever produced and represents a time of deep contemplation, pain, and prayer in my life.

I hope, as it has been true for me, that this album helps you find the truth in Isaiah’s words:

Those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31



What began as a simple exploration of repetitive musical motifs blossomed into a full seven-track album, each with personal meaning and spiritual significance in my life. Here’s a little background into each track!

Track 1: Skipping

This track was written later in the project’s development and represents a return to innocent playfulness, and reminds us all of that deep, oft-hidden, child-like longing to skip freely in love forever.

Track 2: Tempest

The first track written for the project, this piece captures some of the tension of living in this fallen world with its many pains and conflicts. And yet, as you’ll hear, the piece ends with tranquility as the storm passes and reminds us of hope.

Track 3: Figures

A track devoted to exploring the grace and elegance of the human figure, and by extension, the beauty and joy of the whole symphony of creation.

Track 4: Waiting

This track captures some of the boredom and anticipation of a waiting soul. But, as the piece matures, it opens up, flowing with the waves of time and grace, transforming this mundane, repetitive waiting melody into an adventure of sound.

Track 5: Heartache

After waiting, when we come to the end of ourselves, often time there is nothing but a broken heart, dashed expectations, and a humble, contrite spirit. But when this brokenness is surrendered to the Lord, this heartache too can become worship, transformed into total hope.

Track 6: Joy

This track took the longest to complete and has a very special story that perhaps I’ll share in full someday. Suffice it to say now that this piece is all about the beautiful fulfillment of the promises of God in your life. It may take longer than we hoped, but it’s well worth it. In the words of John Temple, “We might put it another way by saying that we have to pay for our pleasures (in one way or another), whereas our joys are earned.”

Track 7: Emergence

After the intimacy of the preceding six tracks, this seventh and final piece is designed to propel the soul outward into the world, calling it to remember the beauty of fellowship with Christ and to a mission of acting outwardly in love towards a turbulent world.

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